We partner with entrepreneurs who:
  • Form great teams.
  • Have novel ideas.
  • Create inspiring products.
  • Attack compelling spaces.
  • Are execution oriented.
at the earliest stages to help them grow.

A wise man, therefore, proportions his belief to the evidence. ― David Hume

Revenue is not required.

Prove you are already executing on your vision.

Convince us this means you will inevitably succeed.


In the spirit of transparency, our investment thesis is linked here.

We invest at seed and pre-seed nationally. Our focal areas are:
  • Digital health startups in the United States.
  • B2B startups in the United States.
  • Hard tech startups in the United States (primarily research driven and often thematic).
Right now, we are investing out of RTP Ventures (RTP Seed) with the above mandate and this website lists the legacy portfolio. We also invest in seed and Series A B2B software companies (ie. digital health, fintech, real estate tech, enterprise infrastructure) nationally out of RTP Ventures.


In the spirit of similar transparency to listing our criteria explicitly above, an operating guide on how we interact is linked here.

After an introductory call, process is dependent on check size and the questions we have about your business. Every company has unique risks and opportunities. Our role is to discover and then assess them. This can take varying amounts of time based on the risks at hand and our network or expertise in the category. Broadly, we may:

  • ask for "homework" (analysis of risks and opportunities.)
  • invite you to speak to our network.
  • ask to speak to experts or customers in your network.
  • dive into your technical architecture and the technical moats in your product.
  • ask for a product demo.
  • will be interested in getting to know you and the team (potentially virtually.)

Our commitment is to be transparent about where we are in our process and act with high integrity. Please do let us know if you feel we have not done so.



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